Chicago & Northwestern runaround track for Northwest Expressway in 1958

Shown is the run-around built by the contractor where the Galena Division of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad crossed the Northwest Expressway under construction just west of Halsted Street.  The expressway bridge will be built just to the right of the run-around.  Although the construction of the Northwest Expressway involved several encounters with the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad that required a run-around this was the only one to involve the Galena Division track, the rest were on the Wisconsin Division.  This scene is from 1958 when the Chicago and Northwestern was in the midst of converting their commuter fleet to the new Pullman bi-level air-conditioned coaches.  The rapidly disappearing 50 year old commuter coaches can be seen in the consist in the foreground and stored in the background. (CATS Collection of Transportation Photograph’s donated by the C&NW Railroad)