Concrete paving train on the South Route in 1961

This picture taken in the spring of 1961 shows the paving train of the Arcole Midwest Construction Company on the South Route.  The view is looking north at the 87th Street grade separation with State Street on top of the embankment where the 1957 Chevrolet is about the pass two buildings that were still standing at the turn of the century.  The contractor’s paving train consists of a roller to compact the granular base, a paver setting out the first course of concrete, a team dropping steel reinforcement into the concrete, followed by a paver applying a second course of concrete, an agitator that slumps the concrete before the final pass is made by the finishing machine.  The name of the expressway changed in 1962 with the death of Cook County Board President Dan Ryan.  The name change occurred before the expressway was finished and commemorated his pivotal role in building the Cook County expressways similar to the reasoning behind the naming of the Edens and Kingery Expressways after other highway pioneers.  (Cook County Highways magazine/July 1961/Carl Kowalski Collection)